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Lesley Melhuish

Property Manager

Lesley has more than 14 years experience in Property Management. Lesley spent her first 4 years in the industry, in a busy property management office, in the position of Office Manager.  This was a great start to her career which has given her the experience and knowledge of an all-rounder, in all aspects of the job. Lesley feels fortunate she has been able to work alongside such experienced people, from whom she has learnt a great deal. Lesley believes that communication is the key to running a successful property management portfolio which translates into a strong relationship with both landlords and tenants.  Lesley is very quick and efficient in finding the right tenant for your property and will ensure it is stress-free experience for all.

Lesley says, “looking after our client’s most valuable asset is a very responsible task and requires first and foremost excellent communication skills, honesty, and the ability to problem solve”.  Lesley is of the same mind set as her colleagues, and treats the properties she manages as if they were her own. She enjoys the challenge of keeping up with an ever changing rental market in the Bay.  Lesley’s work ethic ensures that the properties under her management run smoothly while complying with the Residential Tenancies Act.

Please feel free to give Lesley a call to discuss your current portfolio, or if you require a rental appraisal on a future investment.    


  • 2022/2023 - Executive Performer
  • 2020/2021 - Executive
  • 2019/2020 - Executive
  • 2018/2019 - Executive
  • 2017/2018 - Executive
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